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Mazg Foundation for Culture and Arts is a non-profit cultural organization founded in January 2013 by a group of cultural managers. Our aim is to support non-traditional, under exposed and underground art forms, to help create the right environment for our network of artists to thrive in Egypt.

Mazg was founded by four female cultural and civic rights activists, out of their belief in the importance of art in developing societies, with a focus on following an outreach approach to cover not only Cairo, but the various governorates of Egypt.


To spread awareness and provide support for contemporary arts, this is achieved through discovering new talents, supporting innovation and creating empowering environments that allow creativity exchange experiences and success stories. Our work is spread to empower both professional artists and beginners.


Widening the masses fundament of new and unconventional arts.

Break the centralization of art and culture a

Attract the official and unofficial institutions for all different kinds of new arts

Support young generations of artists and help them produce their artistic projects and ensure continuity of their activities

Empower communication channels between artists and audience, media and institutions concerned with art and culture

Empower communication channels between artists and audience, media and institutions concerned with art and culture

Our Team


Mona Masry

Born in 1981. Basically I am a cultural activist who choose to work for civil society to help people since 2006. Before that I was a member of many theater groups which performed in Upper Egypt and many rural areas in Egypt. In 2006 I worked for "Hesham Mubarak law center" as a researcher in the economic and social rights, and at this time I supervised the production of " El-Doshma" comic magazine which promoted the human rights values through comic art. In 2013 in collaboration with Naglaa Qoura and Sara Elmasry, we established Mazg for culture and arts, as we wish to make development through arts.


Nagla Kora

One of the founders of Mazg For Culture and Arts Foundation in collaboration with a group of activists in culture, civil society, and artists. Believes that arts and culture have a key role in building the personalities and the civilized societies. Nagla studied Clinical Psychology. Worked for seven years as an art therapist , and developed program for psychosocial rehabilitation by art works and handcrafts in centers and hospitals of the Mental Health. She also worked for three years as director of the project "El Darb El Ahmar school for Arts " for the training the working children at the circus arts and music


Sara Masry

Born In 1988. First of all I worked as a reporter for "El-badil" daily newspaper in the culture department in 2007. Then I decided after graduation to join the civil society as I believe in its great role to build democratic countries. In 2008 I worked as a researcher for " Support for Information Technology Center" . I also joined "Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression" in 2010 to work as a researcher in creativity freedom program until 2013. In 2013 in collaboration with Mona Elmasry and Nagla Qoura, we established Mazg for culture and arts, as we believe that art is the only salvation for people to live a better life.

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